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Puerto Piramides (Piramid Port): Is a town located on the edge of the blue waters of the new gulf. It was born around 1900 as an exit port from salt production in the Peninsula Valdés, which until 1906 was the base of the local economy. It was named like that after the cliffs with pyramid-shaped rock formations, as is viewed from the sea.

It is the only town in the peninsula with a population of 400 people that live there in a regular bases, with a quartermaster, a city council and other authorities. You will find hotel services, good and diverse restaurants, a small hospital, primary and secondary schools, public telephone, ATM , trades related to tourism, police and fire departament, and mini markets which provide tourists and locals.

It has a beautiful beach surrounded by dunes that are fixed by tamarisk. With a smooth, wide beach is used in summer by a large numbers of visitors. This small community lives by its sustainable tourism with a "lobería" that was declared a provincial reserve since 1967 along with the northern tip and from the 80's began to be the main activity of this natural reservoir the sighting of the southern right whale (declared a living national monument), the activity has transcended our borders and receives visitors from around the world to appreciate these large marine mammals with an effectiveness in the sighting of 100 percent.

Since 1990 UNESCO has declared the Valdes Peninsula Natural Heritage Site. Within this framework of unparalleled natural beauty Quimey Quipan Restaurant operates food service with the kindness and love that defines us, applying lessons learned in these years to make the visitor feel that Quimey Quipan is their home in this corner of the earth.

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