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Before you know the facts that lead us to today it's fair to tell you the philosophy that guided us, reflected in our name that in Mapuche means "to predict a good journey" or "welcome" as our goal is always to make the visitor feel as a part of the family.

It is with this philosophy that Quimey Quipan is born, at the begining, as a folk dance school located in Pellegrini (N) 44 of the city of Trelew, in a place that Don Manuel Calatayud leave as legacy, back in 1980. That same site becomes the "Children's Party Room Quimey Quipan" by the year 1987 where, in the year 1990, is added a Lunch service.

With the experience generated begins in January 11, 1993 the current history of Quimey Quipan Restaurant, with the inauguration of the first one in a new location: Playa Unión (Union Beach) in a small rented house, with 36 chairs, a meat and seafood menu and a lot of love.

In May of 1994 also opened the doors Quimey Quipan Restaurant in Trelew, located in the same place that in the 80's people waved their handkerchiefs, stomped their boots and the couples danced to folk music.

In January 1995 we moved to our original restaurant in PLaya Unión (Union Beach), located at 80 Guillermo Rawson Waterfront, with the goal of improve our food service for our customers and which continues to operate until today.

In 2001 hard times affected our Nation, and that is why in July 2002, at a time of unease in our history is when we decided to seek new horizons and challenges, the answer seemed to be to grow and that is when fate brought us to Puerto Piramides, on the first exit to the seashore.

We focus our strenght and work with the full backing of experience, with people who wholeheartedly joined us from the beginning and with that passion that we only find when we do what we really love. To date Quimey Quipan is stronger than ever, with his two restaurants in Playa Unión (Union Beach) and Puerto Piramides (Piramid Port), and adding a set of services specifically designed for groups of students, seniors and athletes in the city of Puerto Madryn.

This brief review that we present is full of fond memories for us, because in each step of the way we have met countless friends who were at first "customers", "suppliers" or "employees" creating in us a commitment to remain aiming for the best.

That's why we invite you to visit us, to test us, to challenge us and share together the most pleasant moments in life becouse you never have too many friends, and friends are always welcome.

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