Seafood Paella (individual)
Seafood Medley Quimey (cream, curry, herbs and champagne).
Seafood scallion cream
Fantasy Seafood Provencal sauce
Scallion cream Fish with French Fries
Squid rings and french fries
Minced Seafood (cold in vinaigrette)
Big Bite of Ocean Quimey (4 people / cold and hot)
Vieyras gratin Quimey style

Napolitan Milanese with French Fries or Salad
Veal Milanese with French Fries or Salad
Chiken Milanese with Fries or Salad
¼ Baked Chicken with French Fries or Salad
¼ Chicken with scallion cream and French Fries
Milanese Hake Fillet with French Fries or salad
Steak with Salad or French Fries
Steak Quimey Style

3 Ingredients (chicken, cheese and vegetables)
Quimey (Vegetable, Ham, Cheese and Olives)
Marine (Vegetables with Seafood)

Ham and cheese - (toasted)
Spring (ham, cheese, lettuce and tomato)
Vegetarian (cheese and vegetables)
Marine (tuna, cheese and vegetables)
Veal Milanese (ham, cheese, milk, egg and tomato)
Veal (ham, cheese and vegetables)

Homemade Flan
Fruit Salad
Fruit salad with ice cream
Ice cream (two flavors)
Almond Ice Cream
Scottish Blossom Ice Cream
Fruits of the Forest Ice Cream
Adding of Cream or Caramel Milk

Private Etchart (Torrontés)
Ventus (Patagonic Chardonnay)
Bianchi (Chablis)
Comte de Valmont
Latitude 33 (Chardonnay)

Santa Isabel
Columbus (Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec)
Comte de Valmont
Bianchi (Burgundy)
Don Valentine Lacrado
Latitud 33º (Cabernet Sauvignon)
Estiba I (Malbec)

Mineral water with or without gas - Soft Drinks
Smoothies / Squeezed / Juices
Beer (Quilmes, Stella Artois, Bock)

Tea - Coffee in a small mug - Cofee in a big mug
Cofee with milk - Hot Chocolate

Quimey Quipan - Restaurant - Pto Piramides
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Seafood Medley:
Recipe of our creation composed of a variety
Seafood on a base of cream, curry, fresh herbs and champagne.

Seafood Paella: Traditional recipe inherited from our family.

Rabas: Traditional squid rings floured and fried.

Milanese Filet Hake.

Catch of the day with scallion cream: Fresh fish cooked
in white wine and scallion cream.

Vieyras gratin, seasoned with salsa Quimey Vieyra
and cheese gratin

Provencal Mussels: Mussels cooked in white wine,
olive oil, garlic, parsley and patagonic thyme.

Special menus for groups of students, pensioners
and the general public. Special services for events.

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